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Get to know the KTR Marketing experts that will save you time and grow your business.

Our team is made up of marketing strategist, creatives and of course, number crunchers. Our backgrounds are different, but our approach is steadfastly the same: create and execute marketing strategies that save our clients time and make them money.

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Katelyn Raman


Ajay Raman.jpg

Ajay Raman


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Kimberly Becker 

Director of Marketing

Alicia Ouellette.jpg

Alicia Ouellette

Marketing Manager

Cassie Farris.png

Cassie Farris 

Marketing Manager


Kolby Skidmore 

Creative  Director

Brittany newtom.jpg

Brittany Newton

Graphic Designer/Photographer


Comet Raman

Executive Goldendoodle

We are here to be an extension of your team – to take the business of marketing off your plate and get you back to doing what you love.

~Your marketing team at KTR

Our marketing practices are about telling your story — how you began, what you're passionate about, and the little details that set your business apart.


My own story began about 10 years ago when I was leading social media for Starwood Hotels & Resorts. While I loved the experience of Corporate America, I craved the connection of working with small businesses and set my sights on working as a marketing consultant. Although the marketing scene has changed in the last decade, my passion hasn’t. I am as in love with my job as ever.


For me, there is so much excitement in helping real people grow their businesses through our marketing strategies. Even more exciting is the champagne and immense amounts of chocolate that ensue when we see that growth.


Owning and running a business is deeply personal – it’s part of a greater story, and when we work together my goal is to become part of your story.

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